Talking about finance without boring people to tears

Holly Mackay: Speaker

Financial services events are usually full of tasty insights, but they tend to lack the punch and pizzazz that keeps an audience engaged. Unless, of course, you get Holly involved.

Whether sharing her views in a panel discussion, tying everything together as a host, or even just adding her voice to a podcast, Holly breathes life into even the most dense of topics. And she does it with her unique blend of wisdom and wit.

"Always a memorable highlight on the programme, the audience make a point of coming to hear her present, with a tangible buzz before it happens! Her often humorous, languid and slightly self-deprecating style is an instant hit."
Jenny Loewi Adams
FundForum Editor in Chief
"Holly is a really engaging speaker and went down well at our recent event for women investors, getting an average feedback score of 8.6/10 and a general thumbs-up from our staff and delegates."
Charles Galbraith
AJ Bell Managing Director

To invite Holly to speak at your event or on your show, please email