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I’m a financial translator, bullshit-basher and consumer advocate aiming to help millions make better choices with their money.


Testing consumer appetites, likes and needs


Talking money without boring people to tears


Jargon-free finance with a dollop of opinion


Leading the fight against unclear comms

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“I really enjoy the emails from Holly! She makes money interesting – I actually look forward to reading them. The advice is useful, and for someone who doesn’t work in finance they offer succinct and understandable information.”


Testing consumer appetites, likes and needs

Holly and her team of qualitative and quantitative researchers help pension and investment firms make better products and content. If you’re worried about living in an echo chamber and you want to put the customer voice at the heart of your development, get in touch.

A taster of the brands Holly and Boring Money work with


Talking about finance without boring people to tears

From keeping the room alive as a conference chair to asking the hard questions in a fireside chat, Holly’s approach to public speaking is fearless, funny and firmly evidenced.


Jargon-free finance writing with a dollop of opinion

Blending her specialist knowhow with style, wit and language people actually understand, Holly regularly appears in national newspapers, industry press, lifestyle mags and everything in between. 

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Calling out CEOs, reprimanding regulators, protecting the public. Poor communicators beware – no-one is safe from the investment industry’s Grumpy Ninja.

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About Holly Mackay

Investment expert,
financial translator,
and Mum

Holly has worked in finance since 1999. She is a financial expert, a commentator on investment markets and the founder and MD of Boring Money.

She passionately believes that we can explain things better, and that investments shouldn’t just be for “The Old Boys”.

Holly read Modern Languages at Oxford, specialising in Medieval French which obviously made her immediately highly employable. She went backpacking in Australia, worked in TV for a while and then decided that TV was boring but the stock market was awesomely interesting.

She held senior roles at Merrill Lynch, Aviva and Santander before setting up her first business, The Platforum, in 2008. She sold the business to Centaur Media and left in 2014, launching Boring Money in July 2015.
She likes translating financial gobbledygook into ‘real speak’ and trying to help people without PhDs in finance to make sensible decisions with minimum pain.

Holly is a regular media commentator and has appeared on or contributed to the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday. She is living proof that you can be in Set 4 for Maths when you’re 13 and still get your head around investments.

“I really believe that investments can help many people put their money to better use and create some decent returns. But the old guard make it so confusing and so boring that most people are sticking their heads in the sand. I want to make finance more accessible. I want to name and shame the dodgy. And I want to help give people the confidence to trust their money to the good guys who are doing it well. If we all just leave it in our current accounts, there’s only one winner…….and that is not you and it’s not me!”

Off her soapbox, she is a Mum to 2 young kids, a fussy cat called Mog and a young pup called Ruffy, has a thing for red shoes, is a happy and bad surfer and has a passion for India. She cheerfully eats sugar, drinks coffee and likes wine.

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