6 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Whether it’s completing a project or everyday chores or finishing off something at work, most people are prone to procrastination – even the most productive among us. To be fair, it’s an easy pit to fall into because at the time, it feels so blissful to postpone undesirable responsibilities in favour of doing something more enjoyable instead. Or does it? While many of us might think we’re enjoying what we’re doing in this ‘free time’, it’s possible we might actually just be enjoying not doing what we’re supposed to do and because we’re conscious of that fact the whole time, those tasks can hang over us, making them all the more daunting, making us want to procrastinate even more. It really can be a vicious cycle.

Master your time to Master your Life

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, so why is it that successful people are able to achieve so much, when many others are left struggling to complete a few tasks. As children, most of us would have learnt to tell the time by the age of nine but we may spend a lifetime trying to master it.
Ultimately, the story of your life would depend on how you use the time you have been given. Your success in life depends on how you manage your own and other peoples’ time. It is our most precious resource. Time management is of course self-management. It is a combination of planning, realism and self-awareness. But to control time we first need to understand our relationship with it. It may seem harmless to say time and time again (pardon the pun) ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I can’t make time’, ‘Time just runs away’, or ‘Time is not on my side’ but these phrases betray a belief that time is in control of you, rather the other way around. Instead, try saying ‘I can always make time’.