Crucial Building Blocks of Success

Success, in any event, is made up of a collection of smaller events built on top of one another. Success, is not, like some people think – LUCK! Through research, life experiences, trial and error, I have found six crucial building blocks that when used can lead to success.
1. Have A Clear Goal. It is important to clearly define your goal so that you can repeat it to yourself. It should be short and concise, about seven words total. Make each word count. You will use this goal that you have created to check yourself to make sure that you are working towards it. Think big, don’t hold back, anything is possible. No reason to limit yourself!

Cultivating an Adventurous Spirit – Say Yes!

Like every other animal on the planet, humans are creatures of habit. Habit creeps into every aspect of our lives, from eating the same meals every night and going to the same bars every weekend, to jetting off on the same types of holiday every year. We sometimes think we’ve got the monopoly on what pleases us, and so replicate those experiences again, and again, and again, until they become routine. Consequently, we feel safe and comfortable, and perhaps content, but not necessarily fulfilled. The problem with routines is that they can barricade you from experiencing new and enriching things, turning your life into an overly structured existence. Over time you can become reliant on them, to the point where venturing out of your comfort zone feels extremely intimidating. At its very worst this can result in a lifetime made up of years and years that all look exactly the same.